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Why choose in-home pet sitting?

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

I get asked pretty often "why do you use an in-home pet sitter instead of boarding your dog?" The decision on whether or not to board your dog, send your dog to doggy daycare, or opt for in-home pet care services is not something to take lightly. There are so many things to consider. Let me start at the beginning of my story with Dani, and end with how Chaos to Calm came to be! Warning: I'm *that* dog Mom and proud of it!

Our first photo together, March 2016.

Meet Dani, the love of my life. She ended up in the custody of Animal Control after being removed from a home following cruelty complaints. She came in with three other dogs and a cat. Very quickly, we bonded and I realized she was probably going to be coming home with me. While on duty, I'd be in the front office, and she would be in her kennel, having a full on temper tantrum. She hated being kenneled. She just wanted to be around people, me specifically. If I didn't bring her into the office with me, she would whine and cry so loud I couldn't hear the dispatcher on my radio.

Lunch break with this cutie! (Pre-adoption.)

Once she started to gain weight, she was cleared by our vet for adoption. Of course, I was first in line. She came home with me on a Friday for a trial weekend, and I finalized her adoption on Monday morning.

At first, she was scared of blankets and didn't know how to play with toys. Now she loves them!

Soon after bringing her home, her quirks really started to show. Some are easily explained by the conditions she was taken from, some I still can't explain to this day. She absolutely loves cats and children. She is so gentle with them. She is selectively reactive towards other dogs while on a leash; she does not like seeing another dog and not being able to go see them immediately. She is totally fine with other dogs if she can meet them off leash, face to face. She does not like it when they don't want to play with her. She likes all people, but she really likes people in uniform. Firefighters are her favorite; whenever they would come to do a welfare check on her previous human, she would get food and water from them, so she relates firefighters and police officers to something positive/having a good day.In her old home, she wasn't let outside very often, and only went outside on cement, so she doesn't know what grass is or that she's supposed to do her business there, not in the middle of the parking lot. She does not like to get her feet wet in the rain, so she'll only pee on cement when it's raining because the grass gets the top of her feet wet. She does not like to walk in the snow, so she'll only go outside if you put boots on her. No, I'm not kidding. She loves being warm and will only go out in the rain/cold if you put the weather-appropriate jacket on her (rain jacket or winter jacket.) She loves to cuddle, and has a special bed-time routine involving a bed time cookie, being tucked in, getting three kisses, and so on. If it's really cold out, she has jammies and a bathrobe that she likes to wear inside the house. She's terrified of shadows in the dark, the vacuum, and severe thunder & lightening storms. She loves going for rides in the car, cuddling on the couch, and swimming. She'll only eat her food if you prepare her food topper a certain way.

Her first kiddie pool.

Basically, she's a spoiled princess, which is totally fine with my family, but creates a slight issue when it comes to us taking a vacation. How do you find pet care for a dog like this?! Boarding was not an option, as she hates being kenneled (and I have serious trust issues with boarding facilities.) I knew I couldn't be the only person with a very particular pup, so I took to social media and asked for recommendations for other pet care options. In-home pet sitting was the clear choice for her. The benefits, for us personally: -She would get to stay in the comforts of her own home, which eliminates 95% of the stress on her. -A human she loves would stay at my house with her, which would allow her to stick to the feeding and bathroom schedule she's used to, and she wouldn't be alone all day.

I had a really tough time finding someone that checked all of the boxes in terms of what I was looking for in a pet sitter. I needed someone that was experienced with her breed, and someone that knew how to handle a reactive dog, in case she passed a dog while out on a walk. I also wanted a pet sitter that would give her plenty of attention & affection. It was important to me that a pet sitter would understand her quirks and would pay attention to the details that go into caring for her. I told you, I'm *that* dog Mom, and I realized that I was looking for another person just like me, to be me in my absence.

Day-ventures with her friend Rosie.

That was the thought that inspired Chaos to Calm. There was no option locally for fully customizable pet sitting services, and I knew I couldn't be the only pet parent looking for someone to love my animals like I do. I love being able to provide fully personalized pet sitting services for other pet parents like myself, and for their beloved fur-babies.

It's the attention to those small details that sets Chaos to Calm apart from other pet sitting options out there. During in-home pet sitting services, your pets are my only priority. I do not double book in-home overnights, and I am not gone from the home for more than 2-3 hours at a time. I love your pets like they are my own! Do they have silly bedtime routine like mine? Specially prepared meals? Quirks like leash reactivity? I will make sure that they are happy, safe, and free of stress from the very beginning to the very end of my visit. Because of my background in rescue, I specialize in temperamental dogs, behaviorally challenging dogs, dogs/cats with special medical needs, and senior/hospice dogs, and I will gladly provide the extra TLC and care that they require. My job is to be you while you're away!

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